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  1. GM. I have told that I am a "Master Soul". what does that mean pls?

  2. I have within the last year experienced at least 10 "double deja vu's" (that is what i have come to call them personally). What if any significance do they hold for me? And has anyone else ever experienced a "double deja vu"?!!!

  3. I Just want to Thank All Who make this Web Site Available. As a Spiritual Teacher, I have Used this Site Exclusively for past 3 Years.

    Defininitions of Numbers ALWAYS correlates with Whatever I am Teaching or Seeing or is Being Discussed. Is ALWAYS a Match / Divine Influence to Times, Pictures of Numbers, Dates,/ numbers that Come up in Any Way, Shape Form, Or Fashion..

  4. I walked with God Himself last week and He told me that soon I will be taken out into the wilderness and lost untill He comes to collect me and take me to His Kingdom.

  5. When I bought this phone last month this email address was already in my phone with 306. My angel number.

  6. Hi jurnal-mojo, I love your website, it really helps me to understand my angels messages. However, I couldn't find in your web anything about smelling smoke (when there is no smoke around and I am the only one who perceive it). I will appreciate any information, thank you

  7. thank you so very much for this website friend :-) it's helped me tremendously & it seems like it's done the same for many. you are helping the entire planet shift!

  8. This is my go-to website for so many things. Mostly Angel numbers but when I have extra time, I have a little browse and learn about so much more. Thank you so much jurnal-mojo. You are definitely an earth Angel here to guide us xoxo

  9. I love this it's very helpful for me on my awakening and spiritual journey